Swimming Pool Contractors

We are a medium-sized Swimming Pool Contractors company based in Nairobi Kenya, passionately offering construction and maintenance services since 2012. We undertake a wide range of services including but not limited to landscaping, swimming pool construction and maintenance, as well as supply of pool chemicals and cleaning equipments.

wha we do

Swimming pools come in different shapes and sizes, from kidney shaped, oval, round, geometric, rectangular, and square, the list is endless. However, there are two main types of pools that are done locally; we have the free board pool, deck level pool or the overflow pools. A free board pool has the water level between four and six inches from the top.

Deck level and overflow pools, on the other hand, have the water level right at the edge; such that any displacement of water causes it to overflow. Horizon and infinity pools are part free board and part deck level to give an illusion of endless water. They are usually sloped to have the water level below the edge on one side and flowing over on the other.

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